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2021年總碳排放報告(香港及深圳辦公室)2021 Total Carbon Emission Results (Hong Kong Office & Shenzhen Office)


Below is a report of the total carbon emissions and HVAC emissions of the Hong Kong Office & Shenzhen Office in 2021. How was our performance last year? Stroll down and see the results!

香港辦公室 Hong Kong Office:

香港辦公室每月減碳目標 Monthly reduction target:-0.18 tonne CO2

深圳辦公室 Shenzhen Office:

深圳辦公室每月減碳目標 Monthly reduction target:-0.79 tonne CO2


The goal of reducing our carbon emissions by 25% by 2030 is hard to achieve indeed, but we believe that we can move towards it as long as everyone keeps up with our habits to reduce carbon emissions. Strive for our goal this year!

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