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About Us

FUFA Lab, with the name taking inspiration from the Chinese term “孵化”, means “Incubation Labs”. We hope to build and support sustainable ideas, businesses, and industry standards not just in Hong Kong, but also in the rapidly developing markets of the “Belt & Road” countries.

Vision & Mission & Value

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to incubate [ fufa 孵化 ] start-ups and transform mature business into a leading sustainable business in their industry. To be the first-go-to incubators for both start-ups and mature SME businesses that aim at transforming the industry toward sustainability;



we are partnering with sustainability conscious entrepreneurs to exploit technology for innovative solutions to make the World a better place;

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failure is just the side-effect of achieving success.  Integrity, Creativity, Originality, Diversity and Trust are the best productivity

Meet our Marcom Officer - Bella

FUFA Labs is trying to build a pet-friendly incubation center by turning our space as a pet-friendly premises.  We believe that pets can foster a friendlier and happier workplace. They’re fun, playful and can have positive influence on our work.  Come meet Bella, our first furry staff in our Hong Kong Centre!

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