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2021年9月 總碳排放報告(香港及深圳辦公室)Total Carbon Emissions Report | September 2021 (HK Office & Shenzhen Office)


Below is a report of the total carbon emissions and HVAC emissions of the Hong Kong Office & Shenzhen Office in September 2021. Did you meet your monthly carbon reduction targets?

香港辦公室 Hong Kong Office:

香港辦公室每月減碳目標 Monthly reduction target:-0.18 tonne CO2

深圳辦公室 Shenzhen Office:

深圳辦公室每月減碳目標 Monthly reduction target:-0.79 tonne CO2


Keep up the good work everyone! At this rate, we will achieve our ultimate goal of reducing our carbon emissions by 25% by 2030.

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